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Roll packing available to save cost on extra cushion pads.

A leading manufacturer of Cushion Pads

Established in 2020, KooSHen has been formed with a vision to provide a German Quality product to users of Short Cycle Lamination Press’s globally. With 120+ companies trusting our Cushion Pads we have an enviable track record and expanding at a phenomenal pace. COVID19 has disrupted supply chains for companies & companies looking for non-Chinese alternatives , thereby , leading to a rapid expansion for our brand “Kooshen”.

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Specialise in Heat Transfer Technology

KooSHen Pads

KooSHen Pads

KooSHen Pads

Why 120+ Clients Trust KooSHen

18 Year Track Record of Excellence

Kooshen Team

Our team consists of professionals who have combined experience of over 35+ years in dealing with Short Cycle Lamination Press’s. With experience of over 120+ clients globally and growing.


Kooshen has set up a large R&D team to constantly improve the quality of products. Our Cushion Pads go through a process of constant improvement from our German set up.

Quality & Certification

We have CE, ISO, SGS certificates and more than 30 patents which makes our company at fore front of higher quality standards in cushion pad manufacturing industry.

Virtual Support

Our global technical , sales and service teams are available to assist all your needs 24x7.

Easy To install technology

We have nearly 40 employees and installation team has over 15 years experience.

60,000 to 80,000 Pre-Lam Boards

Our Cushion Pads are carefully engineered by our European & Asian team to last upto 80,000 Boards.

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